Discovering “Luci d’Artista”



From October 29th 2019 to January 12th 2020 he returns to Turin for the 22nd edition of “Luci d´Artista”, the event that illuminates the streets and squares of the Piedmontese capital. During this time the city will be illuminated by the incredible installations made by numerous contemporary artists, both Italian and foreign. The event, besides being a true open-air art exhibition, also represents a characteristic feature of the Christmas period for the city as well as the opening event of the contemporary art week that will continue with “Artissima”, “Flashback” and “Flat”. Over the past few months the installations will be 25, 15 in the city center and 10 in the circumscriptions, with many new features compared to past years, such as “MIRACOLA” by Roberto Cuoghi. Only 28 km separate the Hotel Ninfa from the capital Piedmontese and with our shuttle service you can simplify your travels and enjoy the wonders of our region. Choose the room that suits you best.